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Mink Ragdolls are born with color, unlike the traditional Ragdoll.  Traditional pointed Ragdoll kittens usually take several days to begin to show color. The coat of a Mink develops a darker and more richer point color, than the Traditional Ragdoll.   The body color of a Mink is a few grades lighter than their points.

Minks do come in the same traditional colors...Blue, Blue/Cream, Seal, Lilac, Flame, Cream, Chocolate and Tortie.  Mink Ragdoll also have the traditional coat patterns those being Mitted, Color point, Bi-color and can be accompanied by a Lynx pattern.   The eye color of a Mink is a normally a stunning Bluish-Green, (Aqua), reminiscent of a tropical Island ocean.

Another wonderful feature of the Mink Ragdoll is that Minks can give birth to both pointed and non- pointed kittens in the same litter!  Mink Ragdolls’ carry the gene for the pointed traditional variety of Ragdoll that we have all grown to love.

Mink Ragdoll genetics:   
The Burmese gene is cb which creates
a brownish coat for a genetically black cat. The points (face mask, ears, legs
and tail) are very dark and the rest of the body is richly warm. The mink
, isn't a separate gene but rather a combination of the pointed gene and

the Burmese gene represented by  (cbcs)

When you breed two mink cats
together you'll get the following results: half of the litter will be mink
colored, quarter will be "sepia" colored (actually this is Burmese color, but
they are called "sepia") and quarter  will be pointed Traditional Ragdolls. This
is possible because some kittens will receive the
cb gene from both parents which will make them
a sepia color, some will get the cs gene from
both parents, which will make them pointed, and some will get
cb from one parent and
cs from the other, and so they are mink
 Do the Minks, Sepias & Solids still have the same characteristic as the traditional variety of Ragdolls?

Most definitely!! They are a lovely, large, docile, floppy,
people-friendly cat. The Ragdoll cat or kitten does not wish to be left alone,
it is a very social creature. Other than having different markings, an SBT
purebred TICA registered mink, Sepia or solid Ragdoll is exactly that, a True Ragdoll



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