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Solid Ragdolls    

Solid Ragdolls are born with their full color,
making them the rarest of all Ragdolls.

The color they are born with is the color they will
be at full grown age.

Solids come in black, blue, chocolate, lilac, white, red, 
cream, blue/cream and calico/tortie, Lynx (Tabby).

Solid Ragdolls also come in the same 3 basic patterns
(Colorpoint, Mitted, Bi-color)

Solid Ragdolls have eyes of green, copper, 
blue, blue-green, or even odd color eyes.

Solids when bred to Traditional point ragdolls will produce both solids and pointed kittens.

Solids should not be bred to Solids, as you'll lose the pointed gene.   

Solid Ragdoll Pictures




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