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 Ragdoll Patterns

Ragdolls come in three beautiful distinct patterns
which come in all colors.

Colorpoint: The Colorpoint Ragdoll  is your basic pointed cat.

Colorpoints have darker point colors on their ears, tail, legs,
and mask with a lighter variation of the same
color to their body. Bodies have a creamy color. 

Colorpoint Ragdoll


Mitted: The Mitted Ragdoll has all the basics of the Colorpoint but with a little extra pizzazz.
The Mitted has matching white mittens on the front feet and white boots extending about mid-thigh on the
back legs.  The Mitted Ragdoll also has a white chin and chest with a white strip of varying widths running
down the belly and lower abdomen. Mitteds may also have a blaze of white on their forehead and/or nose.

Mitted Ragdoll


Bicolor: The Bicolor Ragdoll is the flashiest of the three patterns. Bicolor meaning two colors
have darker points to their ears, tail, and mask with their backs displaying a “saddle” with a lighter variation
of the same color. The Bicolor has an inverted white “V” of varying heights and widths inside of the mask
on their face. Their chins, chest, front and back legs, and belly are mostly or all white.

 Bi-color Ragdoll

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