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Traditional Ragdolls

Ragdolls are a pointed cat meaning they have a darker
on their ears, tail, legs, and mask with a lighter shade
of white or cream to the rest of
their bodies.

Traditional Ragdoll colors are Blue (slate gray), Seal (dark brown),
Lilac, Chocolate, Red, and Cream.

All colors can also have an extra pattern with Tortie (color mixed with splashes of red or cream) and Lynx (Tabby) markings
or a combination of the two known as “Torbie


        Seal Ragdoll

 Blue Ragdoll


Red (Flame)  Ragdoll


    Cream Ragdoll


Chocolate  Ragdoll       


Lilac Ragdoll


Tortie Ragdoll     


       Lynx Ragdoll

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